Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 5, 2013: Two Months!

We cannot believe Ezra is already 2 months old! The days are flying by ever since this little guy came into our world and we love every minute with him. As of 2 months he weighs 12 lb. 5 oz. Lately he has begun to find his voice and delights us with soft coos. He also is really starting to enjoy sitting on our laps and looking at picture books with us. We just can't get enough of him!

Ezra always has a good time with Dad! Smiling at Dad, falling asleep with Dad, or peeing on Dad! Ezra doesn't mind what they are doing as long as he can snuggle or get a great big smile out of him.

One of the many faces that delight us each day. He was still enjoying his rock-n-play at the beginning of the month, but now he just loves stretching out in his crib.

Ezra does not enjoy tummy time, but tolerates it more when he has lots to look at!
He's also better about it now that he can do this when he decides he is done:

 This month we took Ezra to church for the first time.

He also earned his wings on his first flight to Las Vegas...

where he had his first Thanksgiving...

and met his adorable cousin and second cousin!
He also got to meet Grandpa Sears...

and snuggle with him a lot!

The highlight of Ezra's second month was the beautiful baby blessing Joe gave to him surrounded by family and friends.

One of the best moments of our trip to Vegas was when Ezra was playing with Grandma Meservy and let out a great big laugh! It was his best laugh yet. Although he flashes us lots of smiles, he is still pretty shy about his voice and doesn't laugh too often so this was so much fun!