Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 5, 2014: Three Months!

Ezra is 3 months old! At 3 months he weighs 14 lb. 1 oz. These days Ezra keeps himself busy sucking on his hands (towards the end of the month he finally took a pacifier!), drooling everywhere, blowing bubbles, and laughing as much as possible. He is getting really vocal and while he loves staring at his mobile or the balloon over his changing pad, he always wants to be part of the action.

All bundled up! This is the only hat he will let us put on him.

Ezra always gets excited when Dad comes home!

Meeting Lincoln for the first time at Christmas!

He always has paparazzi around him.

Lincoln and Ezra in their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

Ezra celebrates Christmas in style. He slept through almost all the presents.

He loves to laugh!

He is also a student of Houdini. One morning we found he had escaped from his swaddle and pj's.

Ezra is very cultured, but prefers to soak up the Houston Natural History Museum via osmosis.

Ezra loves the animals at the Houston Zoo.