Sunday, January 11, 2015


Winter in Manito Park

I love January, but this January has brought with it much heartache and sorrow. Still, everything seems so new at the start of a new year, and the idea of a fresh start sets my love for goal-setting into full swing. Of course, it is also my birthday month, but I have never been that into birthdays. I like to celebrate other's birthdays and I don't mind getting older, but I'm not one for parties or events that put me at the center. So, this month I will be sticking close to home and family, that is, assuming Joe will ever get a break from his hectic last semester of law school.

This January my spirits have been lifted because I've had the White Christmas soundtrack on repeat. Normally after Christmas is over I am so done with Christmas music, but the big flakes of snow falling outside my window right now have bid me continue on with the festive and romantic spirit of the holiday. I think I'll bundle up, make a big mug of hot chocolate, and watch the snowflakes fall. After all, this very well may be my last winter with snow. Maybe I'll even get a little crazy and add some whipped cream and mini chocolate chips to that hot chocolate... maybe.


Christmas in Las Vegas

A few weeks back, we packed our bags and headed to Vegas to see the family! Ezra particularly loved having the suitcases out while we packed and would climb on them at every available opportunity. It was a really great trip, but unfortunately much of it is a blur! Some highlights were:
  1. Seeing Ezra and Evelyn play together. He adores her and likes to give her kisses.
  2. The Christmas Eve play. It's been about three years, but I think I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable about being in such a humongous group of people. Plus, the kids and narrators did such a great job with their production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It is amazing that they are able to get so many kids involved and the youngins provide the best non-scripted entertainment.
  3. Christmas morning breakfast at The Bagel Cafe. YUM!
  4. And of course, Christmas Day itself. We were extremely spoiled, but the perfect look of joy on Ezra's face was the icing on the cake. Ah, Christmas Magic.
  5. I wasn't able to go because of Ezra, but Joe loved going hiking at Red Rock and going running with the siblings.
  6. Seeing THE HOBBIT and UNBROKEN. Finally. :)
Yes, it was a fabulous trip. It was just great to see everyone and relax. Unfortunately, almost everyone got sick for much of the trip, which is why it was such a blur! Ezra and Joe had it bad and both had to go to the hospital/Urgent Care. Thank goodness Joe convinced me to take Ezra in because he had a double ear infection! Thankfully, all is well now. Merry Christmas!


Even though he was terribly sick, Ezra loved playing with the cool air humidifier. And Joe seemed to be Evelyn's favorite this trip. She kept saying, "I like Joe better than you!"

Mamacita, donde esta Santa Clause?

He can't get enough of his new bath crayons. These and his Donald Duck stuffed animal have got to be his favorite Christmas gifts from the Meservy side. He is one lucky, spoiled boy! Thank you!!