Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Conference & Easter Weekend

Easter weekend had a lot going on for our little family. It was General Conference, the first Easter Ezra could really participate in an egg hunt, and it was the weekend when Ezra officially turned 18 months! More on Ezra at 18 months to come later, this post is mainly about our Easter.

The Friday before Easter Sunday, I decided to boil a half dozen eggs. For Joe, Easter isn't Easter without decorating some eggs. Anyway, I went to dink around on my computer while I waited for the water to boil. I had just finished my economics final and was feeling really good about finishing up a rather difficult semester. The next thing I knew the fire alarms were going off. Confused, I whirled around and ran to the stove. The pot was engulfed in flames. Of course, the first thing I do is fan the flames. Yeah... that was one of those slap your forehead, how dumb are you moments. Then I wised up and threw some water on the stove, thankfully, putting the fire out. By the time I put the fire out and disabled the alarms, Ezra was up from his nap and the apartment was very smokey. To top it off, the eggs only cooked halfway and I was not going to be boiling any more eggs for awhile. Sorry Joe. So, that is the reason we didn't decorate eggs this year. I suppose we could have decorated and then thrown out the half cooked eggs, but I didn't really want anything to do with eggs by this point.

Saturday brought Conference, something Ezra is a pretty good sport about. He mostly colored or played with his toys, but he loves the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Whenever they come on he stops what he is doing to watch or dance.

After the morning session, we brought Ezra to a community Easter egg hunt. He didn't really get it, probably because there were a million other kids plus their parents, so it was over in less than 30 seconds. Fortunately, someone in passing threw two eggs into his basket, which he promptly picked up and threw back on the ground. He definitely is more into taking the eggs out of his basket. We learned our lesson though. No more community Easter egg hunts. Family ones are so much better. 

However, we did get these gems while we were there:
 Notice the hot dog in his mouth. He lost it when Joe took the rest of the hot dog away from him and walked out of the shot. I laughed so hard when we got these pictures, but the more I've looked at them the sadder they are! He was so traumatized he took a three hour nap. I can't wait till he meets Santa for the first time.

After Ezra woke up, we did a mini egg hunt in our living room. I wanted him to figure out that he should put the eggs in his basket, but he still just liked tossing them out whenever I put them in. He did enjoy playing with the eggs and finding little toys inside though, even if they were all toys we already had!

 On Sunday morning, Ezra got to find his Easter basket! A million thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Meservy for the fun basket fillings! He was kind of ticked at first, but once he realized that there were new toys he cheered up. It just goes to show you never know how a toddler is going to react to anything, even presents.

  It was such a wonderful, low-key weekend, filled with little firsts for Ezra, great Conference talks, and lots of much needed family time. This semester has gotten the best out of all of us, so this weekend was desperately needed for us to just be together. Happy Easter!