Friday, December 23, 2011

What A Christmas Miracle

This week Julia, her sister J, and I were in a car accident on the way to work. We were very blessed to leave the car crash safely. We were traveling US 189 alongside the river and I lost control of the car--this resulted in the car bouncing between guard rails while spinning. We all walked away from the scene on our own two feet and none of us were cut up or burned worth a nickel. Multiple inspired prayers had been given for our safety prior to the crash and I believe that it was a Christmas miracle that all is well. We also enjoyed the kindness of strangers who immediately pulled over and offered to help and to let us keep warm inside their cars and who even stayed until the police had arrived. On top of that, our boss came down and picked us up and paid to have us checked out at the hospital and eat breakfast. He even took us to get some pain killer out of his very generously kind heart.

You may wonder what this post and the ginger bread house have to do with each brother W fed us twice this week and invited us to make gingerbread houses together. This is our home--complete with snow topped roof, licorice brick walkway, and skittles door. All creatively cool ideas provided by Julia. I am forever grateful that she was protected during the crash. I love her.

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