Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Happy Birthday

Yesterday, I went to work and one of my bosses had baked me AMAZING cinnamon rolls for my 27th B-Day. She is heavenly sent. In fact, I had been telling Julia the night before that I wanted cinnamon rolls (she was naturally in on it too) and so the surprise was really fun.

After work, we had the family over to eat a variety of cereals and have donuts. It was casual and fun just like an all around really good birthday. Julia, my parents, and my sister E all got me books!

Thank you everybody for the gifts, birthday wishes, and love!

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mom said...

and thank YOU for being our forever son! cinnamon rolls, cereal and donuts. mmmmm. and of course big mom and dad kisses from (don't you dare say it --your BIG momma and dad!)