Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year after facing a difficult decision (we are still hoping for forgiveness from a certain party).  In wake of that, the flight was really rough and practically everyone got sick on the flight out.  However, on a layover in San Francisco we bough Ghiradelli chocolates and a fellow family of passengers gave us some magazines they had read after we struck up a conversation about Disneyland and travel.  Consequently, we finished a crossword puzzel on the way down.
In Vegas the weather was beautiful and balmy.  We watched Bugsy Malone (Julia's first time).  We tried to clean out some my old files and possessions from growing up.  We ate out at Roberto's Taco Shop and Baja Fresh.  We also had some fun watching several Studio C clips and trying to fix the paintball guns.
Thanksgiving was at my parent's home.  Julia (and I) made two of her AMAZING apple pies (Aunt Jackie even called them "earthy looking") and helped out with a few other things. The dinner was fantastic including a bevy of delicious pies, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes/turnips, beets and beeted carrots, green beans, stuffing, pomegranate juice, Marco's rolls, soups, etc.  There were new babies there including niece E and D & A Reynolds' baby girl A.  The settings were lovely and the company was spectacular.  We also enjoyed having friends Katya (from Russia) and Aswin (from India) present.
Later, we reconvened at the church to play a game of Yoga Ball, knock-out, and then basketball.
Over the week we went to see Wreck It Ralph (most of the family liked) and Lincoln (everybody loved).
Later still, the Meservys got together for a smaller round of Christmas poems.
Dad took the boys golfing on Friday.  On the first tee-off one of the brothers accidentally threw his club easily 200 feet.  There were a handful of par holes had and plenty of disappointing bouts but it was still fun.  And, afterward we went to get wings before coming home to a baby shower being thrown by the women for sister E's best friend B.  The shower looked great and the chicken sandwiches were excellent.
Sunday we took some family photos and then did the traditional BLTs with the priesthood.

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