Sunday, April 7, 2013

Date #8: Gonzaga Art Museum

The best art at the Gonzaga Art Museum was definitely the blown glass and the original Rembrandt's. Joe's favorite was The Triumph of Mordecai. After having the BYU Art Museum at my disposal, I was disappointed by the small size and selection of this museum. It was only two rooms - and not even big rooms! If you live near BYU take advantage of their art museum! Not all universities have such great taste and access to definitive collections.


mom said...

lisey's gonna love the blown glass! joe, i KNOW what the triumph of mordecai is too! he's queen esther's uncle and through esther, he saves the jewish people from destruction by hamman. the king parades mordecai around in his clothing for a day to taunt hamman before hamman is hung on the gallows he was preparing for mordecai! ultimate irony! i need to come see this rembrandt for myself. really makes me love him all the more!

Joe Meservy said...

I'm glad that someone knows the Triumph of Modecai. Thank you Mom! You had better come check it out sometime--although I should tell you that it is very small.