Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 5, 2013: One Month!

Our little boy is 1 month old! At his one month check-up he weighed 9 lb. 15 oz. and was 22 in. long. When he was born I was surprised by how sturdy and strong I felt he was and now he is even stronger. After his birth, Ezra quickly regained his birth weight and he kept us very busy with his active zeal for life. He often swings his arms around grabbing at nearby shelves or our clothing and we can't get enough of the way he kicks those little legs. We've learned a lot this past month and had a lot of firsts, but we've loved getting to know our little one better and better each day.

Ezra loves:

  • Eating all day long... there is no better activity in his book.
  • Baths. I've never seen him so relaxed as when he is sitting in a tub of warm water.
  • Car rides. Nothing puts him to sleep faster.
  • Being swaddled. He sleeps so much better when he's all bundled up.
  • Looking out the window on sunny days or at the pictures we have hung on the walls.
  • Falling asleep on his parents' bellies.
  • Playing on his play gym.
  • Smiling up at Daddy and me after his tummy is full. (His big social smiles started up towards the end of the month)
  • Sleeping in his rock-n-play, but only if he's completely out before we put him there. We are so blessed that he has slept through the night (8ish hours) on a few occasions during his first month. 
  • Kicking his socks off. He is an escape artist.
Ezra dislikes:
  • Pacifiers. We've tried a few, but as soon as he realizes no milk is coming he spits them out as far away from himself as he can muster!
  • The cold and the wind.
  • Having to go to sleep. He fights it because there is just too much to see around here.
He's an adventure.

Some memorable moments from Ezra's first month:

Ezra's first bath at the hospital.

Ezra arriving home for the very first time.

Baby loves co-sleeping though we don't let him do it as much as he would like. Here he is with Grandma Sears.

In the beginning Ezra could stare at Daddy forever.

Ezra loves looking in the mirror of his play gym. Thanks for the great toy Grandma & Grandpa Meservy!

Tummy time has good times and bad times... here's a good time.

All bundled up to pick up Daddy from school. Love the GU hat!

We love the bright eyes and fun smile he has started dazzling us with these days. This picture was taken on Ezra's first Halloween. He was dressed up as a basketball, but baby clothes never last long around here...


Will said...

Love that little dude. Evelyn thinks her cousin is adorable.

Aby Runyan said...

Such fun for you both, babies are the best! Congrats again, you both look like you are wonderful parents.

luvs, aby