Thursday, December 18, 2014

Honey Bee


I wish I could always remember the ins and outs of your personality as you are right now. Right now, you are 14-1/2 months old. You have long skinny legs and a firm Buddha belly. I love to tickle you, kiss you, and hear you jabber all day long. I hope you know I will always love you.

I love that you are quick to smile and laugh, especially when tickled.

I love that you like to cuddle and come give me lots of kisses throughout the day. You especially get kissy whenever you see Dad and I kiss, or one of your picture books has the mamma kissing the baby. I love that.

I love that you growl and cuddle with your stuffed animals.

I love you even when you dive head first out of both your car seat and the car door, like you did today at the library. Your sweet laughter and trust in me to catch you tells me that you love me too. But man, does it freak me out.

I love your zest for music and that you dance even when none is playing.

I love your appetite for books. You even like to see all the words in the big kid books that I read.

I love that you love animals and dinosaurs.

You love sticking all your finger foods into the spoonful of purees I am offering you. Honey, goldfish really do taste better when they aren't stuck in pureed vegetables.

You love peanut butter on anything. Lately, it is the only way I can get you to eat your carrots.

You think plugging my nose is the most hilarious thing to ever happen.

You think throwing everything in the bathtub will somehow convince me to let you take another bath and play in the water. Or perhaps, you just like the loud bang my nail polish bottles make when they hit the acrylic.

It is impossible for me to tell you all the funny things you do now that I adore. But, know I love you, Honey Bee. Don't grow up too fast.


P.S. I love that you say, "Mmmmm" when you eat your food. It always reminds me of Bill Murray in What About Bob, but in a good way.

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