Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dennis Meservy: Certified Fraud Examiner

My dad is a practicing CPA and CFE with a number of specializations. He recently audited the books of a charity as an expert witness for a case going to trail with federal involvement. I know very, very little about this whole thing other than that the story as well as a mention of my dad were front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal today. Other than that, my Dad hasn't discussed the books or client.  My mom has told me that he feels very comfortable with his audit and seems to believe that she may be in the wrong.

Las Vegas Review Journal Frontpage

Las Vegas Review Journal second story

Dennis K Meservy, CPA can be contacted via his website.


LauraandJoel said...

That is impressive and interesting!

Dennis Stranded said...
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Joe Meservy said...
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