Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Times in P-Town

Wednesday, we headed to my favorite venue in the world, Velour Music Gallery, to watch Imagine Dragons play a second sold-out show this month. We went with BIL & SIL J & J Harding. They agreed by the end of the night that it was a fantastic show and a good time was had by all. I even got to chat with my cousin and lead singer Dan Reynolds. And, we partied it up with my sister E and cousin S too.

Thursday, we stayed in Heber, UT and house sat (as opposed to baby sat) along with some of the best behaved kids I've visited with. The Wright kids are fantastic. In fact, not only did they clean the house for us in advance, cook us dinner and bake cookies for us (included setting and cleaning the table), choose a movie that we hadn't seen, and tell each other to limit their video games to like 5 min, but one of them even gave me a foot massage. Another woke himself up and made his own lunch. Ages 6, 10, 14, and 15 these were some really fun and very bright children. It made me laugh out loud at how improved the young generation is. For instance, the 10 year old had his own Netbook (provided by the school) and was about to receive his own iPad 2.

Friday, we dressed up as people from "The Capitol" (Hunger Games) and went to Noodles & Co. with J & J Harding and friends Anna and Curtis. We liked the food--not gourmet but tasty. Austin Cope, my former mission companion, called us over and filled me in on his life and times with his lovely wife Britney and his budding family. Following that reunion we went to see the film The Hunger Games. It was violent and definitely not for children, but I felt that they portrayed the book exceptionally appropriately. Aside from the shaky camera-syndrome which drove me nuts, I really like it.

Saturday, we took my sister E on a blind date with Julia's friend to the annual Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. It was my first time attending in six years in Provo. Afterward, we had pizza at Little Caesars.