Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Imitating Art

Sometimes Ezra and I like to imitate Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam at the public library. Just kidding. This was actually taken right after Ezra took his first 4 consecutive steps. He had been taking 1 step for awhile, so I feel like I can document this day, January 17, 2015, as the day he finally began walking. Yes, he walked right over to his favorite over-sized bear, gave him a big slobbery kiss and hug, and collapsed in his lap. 

Now he toddles around all over the place, but he hasn't taken off completely yet, so we haven't been able to catch any of it in video. I'm sure some will come soon though. :)


Mara Meservy said...

still waiting for a video of his walking, although by now its probably running!!

Julia said...

Mom, today we were at the library and I turned around for just a moment to get a book off the shelf. When I turned back around he was running to the other end of the library squealing with delight. He caused quite a commotion since he now belly laughs whenever he rips books and dvds off the shelves. He thinks it is terribly clever to watch me scramble to put them back and then rip them off again as soon as they're in place. He collapsed in laughter... no joke. Good thing people tend to think he is cute when we are out and about. ;)