Sunday, November 27, 2011


We returned to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. It was special to be with and see family especially in the mix of so many fantastic things happening--my first Thanksgiving with Julia as a married couple, baby shower for my sis. in law K and brother W (first baby in our family), my cousin's band signing a record deal and appearing on the newest American Idol commercials, and one of the largest Thanksgiving meals we've ever had (45+ people). I will forever be grateful for a wonderful family.

Julia cooked homemade cornbread stuffing and homemade cheesecake and she wrapped all of the family presents for my SIL's shower in addition to purchasing or at least shopping for each of them as well. She also did our laundry and rubbed my back. My wife is gracious.

We saw the always excellent The Muppet Christmas Carol as well as the new movie, The Muppets (fun yet still not quite their best work), and visited with a lot of family and friends. We also played Clue and Scrabble simultaneously (VERY tough) and chess. One of our HTA artists, Mindy Gledhill, released a Christmas album being featured on iTunes. The single "Winter Moon" has a puppet/muppet-esque music video here--

I enjoyed playing sports and telling jokes/ghost stories while the baby shower was held.

During Thanksgiving meal we enjoyed super gravy, terrific orange peel rolls, fresh Marco rolls, and plenty of other delectable fixings. Afterward, I told a young cousin several jokes until he finally peed his pants laughing. What a fun Thanksgiving!

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mom said...

I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this song joe. i'm surprised how professional and excellent the whole thing is. it's the first thing she's done that i've heard and really loved. are you putting this on your 2011 Christmas album? when do we get it??! it's one of my essential and favorites for the past 3 years.

oh, also, you were RIGHT about the graciousness of your beautiful wife.----and you.
xxoo mom