Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will's Birthday

Last Saturday we met up with my sister L and brother Will and his wife K to celebrate his 25th birthday. We went to Zuppas where Jimmer Fredette got in line behind W & K. Then, we all went to the Mitt Romney call center in Orem, UT. The place was hopping and we made calls for about an hour and a half and much to most of our surprise this was really fun. We even were on pace to lead the nation for calls on "National Call Day" (Romney had callers making calls in everyone of the 50 states). I don't know if we took gold but I wouldn't be surprised...we were mostly doing survey work but there were some very polite but very dedicated people working the phones. It was a good birthday in my estimate. My parents even bought Will one of the most awesome birthday presents ever dreamed of. They like to stretch the imagination.

Recently, Julia and I have also been watching a lot of the television series MONK. We love it.

Julia is also studying American Heritage in between working out at Gold's Gym.

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