Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Truth Resonates Even When It's Embroiled In Politics

I came across this video on a political site I read from time to time.  I watched the video with my wife.  EW Jackson's words resonated with me.  I loved his use of Romans 1:16 (one of the scriptures I have fully memorized from my early morning seminary days).  While I don't believe that the Democratic Party is evil, I agree that the platform which he specifically addresses is.  So, check out the video--I recommend it.

Also, I did a quick search for his biography and learned EW Jackson is a Harvard Law School graduate, a former Virginia Senate candidate, co-founder of S.T.A.N.D., a political contributor, and also a leader in a church I am not familiar with.

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Aby Runyan said...

This is GREAT Joe, thanks so much for sharing.

Actually, I do think the Democratic party is evil at this point. Any group that supports things that are abhorrant before God has been influenced by the Devil. If you are not standing with Christ, than you are standing against Him. It's a fact that makes me very sad when I see close friends supporting Obama. I don't think they really truly realize what they are supporting.

luvs, aby