Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cereal Extravaganza

A few weeks ago our local grocery store had a 13 hour sale on cereal and milk. Naturally, we attended and bought 23 boxes of sugary cereals and 2 gallons of milk. Not 5, not 10, but 23 boxes. Our supply of cereal is going strong and to celebrate I would like to share my favorite videos about cereal and milk.

I used to love this video back in the day.

And one I think is slightly disturbing, but kind of funny...

Bonus: A picture of Joe eating cereal behind our flowers. :) Silly boy.

Bonus bonus: Because I think it's hilarious and breakfast related. I couldn't resist.

1 comment:

lisey said...

oh my goodness this is the best story I have ever heard! 23 BOXES! dang. sounds like heaven. I definitely think I need to come visit soon now. ha

ps LOVE all the video choices. I had seen all of them, except the waffles one and it was another great one. you are too funny julia!