Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Labor Day in Rexburg

The Friday before Labor Day I realized that all of my immediate family, besides John Michael, would be in Rexburg for the weekend! Joe got home from school and we made the spur of the moment decision to drive the 7ish hours there to see them since we might not see any of them again till Christmas 2013. In our fierce frenzy we threw our clothes in bags, tossed the bags in the car, and drove till 2am to get there. Jameson and Emma graciously allowed us to stay in their apartment for the weekend.

We had a blast with the fam and got to do the following:

Go out to eat at the Yummy Texas Roadhouse

YUM! Thanks parents! I can't ever get enough of their rolls and cinnamon honey butter. Somehow, my leftovers mysteriously disappeared though... Afterwards we went out of our way to look at a bunch of puppies that were for sale. They were so cute and I spent far too much time trying to convince Joe to get me one. Sadly, no puppy yet, but there can be no doubt that we are all dog people.  

Go to the East Idaho State Fair

We mosied around the fair looking at everything from an arm wrestling tournament to a quilt show. I loved seeing the cake decorating contest, it's amazing what some people can do with frosting, all the animals, and the photography. We even got to see some of my Uncle Sherwin's ribbon winning photos! About halfway through the day it started pouring rain so we hid in a plethora of buildings looking at animals or shopping. When we realized it wasn't going to lighten up we made a run for the car. All and all, we thought this venture was a success. Joe was very proud that he got to milk a cow, hold a baby pig, and eat some Nacho Libre corn.

Emma and I sitting sheepishly on a bench.

Joe and I at the petting zoo - sheep!

Texas Longhorns - I swear he almost poked my eye out...

Joe got to hold the baby piggy! Awww...

Play lots of Settlers of Catan

Soaked through and freezing, we headed back to Grandma's house for some games, snacks, and movies.

The Sears family doing what they do best - hanging out and playing Settlers.

Go to Nursery and Play with the Kiddos

We all went to church in Rexburg where Jameson and Emma have callings in the nursery. Luckily, they were short handed so we all got to help out aka play with little kids for two hours - my favorite!

Try to Catch a Rabbit and Find a Dog to Play With

After church we went over to my Grandmas to eat dinner. Apparently there's a bunny living in her yard so naturally we tried to catch it! Sadly, it was too quick for us so we proceeded to go on lots of walks in pursuit of a dog to play with somewhere in the neighborhood. None were found. :( 

Go to a Great Labor Day Picnic

Aunt Jill had a bunch of the family over for Labor Day where we ate, played games, and chatted. It was so good to see everyone - it had been so long! Plus Aunt Jill looked at some of Jameson and Emma's vinyl to decorate one of her new granddaughter's rooms with - she's going to have them put some cute owls in the baby room. They are really good and can make almost anything, especially if you have a picture! Joe and I have some Mitt Romney vinyl on our car and a little Eiffel Tower in our study room which look great! We love it! If you're interested in getting some vinyl check them out here. Okay, blatant shout out ending now.

More Settlers anyone?

Me and Joe at Aunt Jill's house for the Labor Day Picnic.

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