Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cookie Fiasco

A few weeks ago Joe and I decided we would take cookies to the neighbors so we could introduce ourselves and get to know them. We could already tell that a lot of the neighbors weren't the happiest we moved in because we are a younger couple, but we thought we could win them over. Just to preface, majority of our complex consists of elderly people. Shortly after moving in an older lady told my mom they had been "invaded," to which my mom asked, "By people or by bees?" haha You go Mom. Later an uptight resident paced back and forth in front of our apartment until we took our trash to the dumpster that had been sitting by our door for less than 5 minutes. We understand it isn't nice to look at, but can we get some shoes on before we take it out? We were about to I promise! My Mom promptly told him to take a chill pill. At first I was embarrassed, but I have to admit, he deserved it. 

Anyways, we made tons of cookies and we were off to deliver them. We knocked and knocked, but at  most doors nobody answered. At first I thought, well, nobody must be home.... but in over half of the entire complex? No way! We finally caught our upstairs neighbors, the Birch family, and gave them a plate. Them and their kids are cute and we are glad to have them as our neighbors and in our ward. We chatted with them a bit and then found a few more people who would open their doors to us. This included one lady who almost looked like she was going to cry, she kept saying how nice we were, and a man on a diet who couldn't have them.

Finally, we arrived at the last door. I was wondering where the weird ponytail man was, the one from the chill pill story, and was a little worried to run into him again. Well, this was his apartment and his door was open. Joe called in, "Hello! We brought you cookies. We are new and wanted to introduce ourselves!" The reply, "Go away! I don't want them!" We stood there for a moment not realizing what he just said so he got up and slammed the door. Ouch. 

Anyways, the moral of the story is: Don't bring cookies to the old crotchety man who lives in your apartment complex. You can't win him over. However, one nice guy did bring us peaches in return for the cookies (yum... the fruit of our labors!), so do bring everyone else cookies. Then you will be able to gauge who to avoid - the crazy ones.


Will said...

it's alway the guy with the ponytail. Love and miss you guys
-Will & Kristen

mom said...

i belly laughed at just the title of this infamous story and had to continue laughing at laura sears' excellent boldness and my kids incredible sweetness and lastly the weird guy with the ponytail who hopefully won't prove to be a richard masser wannabe (joey do you remember richard, the former marine, who lived across the street from us on via vaquero and he was bipolar and would barge into our home during the middle of the day to bring you kids strange things he had cooked up because we once brought him cookies? (just remember to pray every day!) all my love and thnaks for your adorable blog. mom

lisey said...

other moral of this story: don't trust weird men with ponytails. and especially don't make eye contact with them. MISS YOU GUYS!