Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spokane Temple First Trip

This afternoon we decided to visit the Spokane Washington Temple.  It was beautiful and the angel Moroni statue was also very visible--the temple is shorter than many others and reminded me of the Tokyo Temple but with more flowers and less stained glass.

We strolled the grounds and we made friends with some of the temple workers.  As we were leaving we even chatted about a future sister asking me how many children I'd like suggested that I might not even realize how many pieces of bread that would take to make lunch...haha.  A worker replied that he was one of five boys in his family and each had a sister...another good one.  We felt like fast friends and maybe even brothers and sisters.


Aby Runyan said...

So how many children did you tell them? I'm hoping for a high number!

luvs, aby

Julia said...


Joe wants 7 and I want 6. But I always say we will see after the first one! :)