Friday, September 7, 2012

Imagine Dragons Are #1

Their debut album Night Visions was released on September 4th (day after Labor Day) and went to #1 on US iTunes, #2 on Canada iTunes, and #1 on

The billboard charts will release their debut ranking next Thursday and in the meantime, they are on tour at a city near you.  I will say that a lot of hard work went into this band especially from members of my family and it is very pleasant to hear/see them achieving such great levels of success.

If you haven't gotten the album yet and you feel in the mood for some danceable alternative rock I recommend it.  I am especially pleased to note that at least two members of this band are gutsy workers who don't drink alcohol (the sickly vice of the entertainment industry).

My favorite version (including bonus tracks) is available at Best Buy as an exclusive hard copy version. If not, iTunes works too.

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LauraandJoel said...

I purchased 2 cd's at Best Buy and I love it!