Sunday, January 6, 2013

Date #1 - Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum

As mentioned in the last post, for Christmas I planned 36 dates for the year 2013. I decided that after each date I would take the time to blog about each one, just for memory sake and to help with date ideas in the future. For our first date we went to Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum on a double date with our friends Justin and Kelly.

Here is a quick view of some of what we saw as we entered the main museum area.

This was by far the strangest and creepiest date I've ever been on, however, I still had a good time. The owner, Marvin Carr, is around 85 years old and has devoted the later part of his life to collecting the unusual/creepy, magnificent, and beautiful and filling an unfinished warehouse in Spokane with them. While some of the items may not be the only of their kind in the world, I believe this is the only place you would find them all together.  From a 16' tall giraffe to living death masks of old Hollywood stars to beautiful vases from the Beijing palace to Jackie Gleason's limo. He personally toured us around the museum spouting facts about random items - there were far too many things in there to possibly talk about them all. 

Throughout the museum were stuffed squirrels riding on motorcycles, fire engines, etc. Hilarious.

Joe wearing a really old leather-bound top hat. 

The oldest typewriter in the world.

More stuffed friends. I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me so much of Pocahontas.

Joe knighting a knight.

A lock from Alcatraz.

Joe and I sitting in Elvis Presley's car.

Joe punching a lion - one of the largest lions ever shot and stuffed in the world.

 I'm dead meat.

At the end of the day this museum is filled with lots of random things Carr likes and wants to share with the people of Spokane. I don't like all of them - some of them were downright weird and creepy and I had to avert my eyes - but it was unique. So, would we ever come back? No, but this isn't a date we will soon forget. There were lots of laughs shared and memories made. We had a very good time and hope to continue to find peculiar things to do and see wherever we may live in the future.


Emma and Jameson said...

Loved the raccoon in a canoe! Baha we just watched Pocahontas so it's really funny. This place reminds me of Ripley's believe it or not, very fun!

lisey said...

"o, would we ever come back? No, but this isn't a date we will soon forget." hahahaha my favorite line. sounds like an adventure. love the pictures!