Sunday, January 27, 2013

Date #3: Leaving Notes At Barnes & Noble

For our 3rd planned date of January, Joe and I headed downtown to Barnes & Noble. We had a fun time searching out books to slip hand written notes into. We wrote notes of encouragement, discouragement, humor, etc. Here's a few peeks at what we wrote for future readers:
  • In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: "He was their friend and he betrayed them!"
  • In Gone with the Wind: "Don't worry... the day after tomorrow counts too."
  • In some dieting books: "You can do it! You are beautiful!"
  • In an LSAT prep book: "This book made me cry."
  • In The Hobbit: "Can you believe Gandalf dies?!"
After our B&N outing we ran into some friends who told us about a pet store upstairs. It was a Reptile Store with 18-foot pythons, iguanas, chameleons, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, the Argentine mara (they are like deer rabbits, but the store specifically said not to call them that), 150-lb. tortoises, etc. This store was awesome albeit a bit scary with some of the spiders and giant snakes! When we walked in there was an Argentine Black and White Tegu (see first two pictures below) just walking around the store! The woman who worked there told us that they love attention, being pet, and just being apart of the family. However, they also can eat whole chickens... She just picked it up and let us pet it. It was fantastic! 

*I do not own this picture.

*I do not own this picture.

Then she let us hold one of the hedgehogs and play with them a bit while she told us about them. I loved it. They are adorable, no? We had a fun time on this date, which was doubly great because it was all free! I know I would think it was hilarious if I found a note in one of my new books and hope that the recipients of our notes enjoy them as much as we did.

*I do not own this picture.


Emma Sears said...

Love the Harry potter one!! Makes me laugh hard EVERY single time!!! Love hedgehogs. Always wanted to hold one.

mom said...

this was the coolest date in history. i've decided to (shhhhh) copy it for valentines day and take dad to do both. i laughed about a few of those notes----does gandalf really die? and i didn't understand the harry potter one....he didn't really betray them! i didn' know hedgehogs were touchabel. i can't believe there's a lizard that BIGGGGG.

Julia said...

Mom, no Gandalf doesn't die and the Harry Potter one is a quote from the movie that we used to laugh about. I guess it's an inside joke. haha I would never give away something like a death in a book! I would be so mad if I were reading it and found that! :) I love hedgehogs and I REALLY want one... but not as much as I want a puppy. As Joe says, "It's no secret [I'm] an animal lover."

lisey said...

I love that you wrote notes to stick in the books. cutest and funniest idea ever! you guys are adorable.