Friday, September 27, 2013

Snoqualmie & Seattle

Wow! Time has really gotten away from me this Summer so now I'm playing catch up. Last March, Joe and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend away in Seattle. We stopped first in Snoqualmie to see the falls and then went on to Seattle. It was a quick trip, but we had a blast! Here are some pics:

Snoqualmie Falls

The Petrified Log at The Train Museum in Snoqualmie

 Joe versus the train!

Snoqualmie Falls was my favorite parts of the trip. The flowers were all in bloom and it had a great small town feel to it. However, we still hurried on to Seattle. There's only so much you can do in a small town.

 Our first night in Seattle we ate at Crab Pot - Joe was very excited for so much Sea Food!

Most Memorable Moment: After dinner we were waiting at the crosswalk when a disheveled looking man crossed into oncoming traffic. He didn't even flinch as car after car almost hit him - he just kept walking towards us staring straight at Joe. When he got across he kept mumbling to Joe about his "perfect body." Then he stumbled off. He was clearly on something and we couldn't help but laugh about his "perfect body."

 Naturally, we stopped by the Space Needle for a great view of the town.

 Next morning we took a trip to the Ballard Locks. I believe this was Joe's favorite part of the trip.

Hardly any fish in the fish ladder...

 The Bay

After the Locks we browsed around Pike Place. There were gorgeous flowers and delicious desserts everywhere, but I was hoping to see more giant fish for sale. Guess it's not very practical. I love this picture of Joe with the golden pigs.

We stopped at Pike Place Chowder for lunch before we left town. Best clam chowder and sour dough I've ever had! The wait was definitely worth it. No wonder they've won so many awards!

At some point along the way we got lost and just drove around town. There was lots of cool street art and sculptures everywhere!

 To finish up our trip we stopped at the beautiful Seattle Temple before road-tripping it back home.

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