Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer 2013: Highlights

The Summer flew by so quickly and we had such a great time down in Vegas. Here's what we've been up to:
  •  Had a fun time visiting James & Jillian in Provo on our way down to Vegas before they moved far far away.
  • Took a Meservy Family trip in May to Newport Beach. What a blast. Great weather, bike rides, poetry night, dolphins at the beach, and DISNEYLAND!
Joe, Ned, & Josh swimming with dolphins.
  • Spent lots of fun times with this little girl:
  •  Had my first minor league baseball experience. Go 51's! The best part about baseball? Eating lots of $1 priced foods, of course!
  • Found a cool dog that followed me home. His name is Sherman and we fed him lots of orange chicken. Then when we found his owner we found out he is on an extremely restricted diet. Whoops! 

  • Mom & Barbara came for a visit in late June. It was so fun to see and spend time with both of them.
  • Had a wonderful British themed baby shower in Vegas with Sarah. They spoiled us!
  • We walked in the 4th of July Parade with the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and placed 3rd in the walking divisions!
  • After the parade there was a great party with tons of music. Joe, Ned, and Harry performed "Taking Care of Business:"
  • Went to the Vegas Zoo. It was small, but so much fun!

Barbary ape eating otter pops. It was so hot we wanted one! The ape on the right wasn't family so he couldn't be with the other apes. No wonder he looks so grumpy.

Me & the Chinese Alligator

So hot out the cougar voluntarily takes a bath.


Joe & goat at the petting zoo.

Thumbs up otter.

  • I took a fabulous 2 week trip to Houston to see the family. They treated me to Sea World, Wicked, a great baby shower (super spoiled again!), and lots of fun. Emma even showed me how to make a baby mobile for the nursery!

The Baby Shower - wish I had pictures from the other ones!

Watermelon Hedgehog

Owl Carrot Cake

  • As fun as it was to be with my family it was great to get back to Joe in Vegas. Soon after my return we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Joe took me to Spring Mountain Ranch for a beautiful picnic with all my favorite foods. He even took me to a French Bakery to pick out some delicious desserts. It was a wonderful surprise.

  • For one date night Joe and I posted the below picture around town with James' phone number on it.

  • Joe naturally dominated at family Scrabble games this Summer. One of his best moves, pictured below, shows him using all 7 of his letters on his first move with the word "Dominate."

  • Before our move back to Spokane we took a Meservy Family trip to Cedar City to the Shakespeare Festival. We saw Love's Labour's Lost and King John. We had a beautiful picnic before the plays and a really great time overall.
  • Joe had a great opportunity to extern this Summer for Judge Lloyd D. George, a federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of Nevada.
  • Meanwhile, I grew and grew all Summer long. The first picture is from 24 weeks (6/9/2013) and the latter is from 36 weeks (8/31/2013). I can't believe I'm still getting bigger... we are ready for you baby!


lisey said...

what a great summer!

Alyssa Smith said...

Nathan and I went to see Wicked also! It was amazing :) Glad you had fun in Houston, wish I could have seen you!

Mara Meservy said...

a. thanks for recording joe/s song! i have always LOVED his voice. b. i'm so grateful we got to that little vegas zoo and you took these great pictures---after 20 years, they suddenly just shut the doors and tore it down. we will never have the opportunity again. (tears)
c. did you have some professional caterer make the hedgehog and the carrot cake? they are INCREDIBLE! d. you made the summer sound wonderful without all the long boring down times when you were growing your excellent and incredible son. i love you julia!