Sunday, September 15, 2013

Washington Holds Some of the Best Parks in America

MANITO PARK (Spokane):
*Duncan Garden
*Gaiser Conservatory and Green House
*Perennial Garden
*Rose Hill - more than 100 species of roses and one of the few dahlia test gardens in America
*Japanese Garden - koi pond, imported Japanese trees, etc
*Lilac Garden

The Japanese Garden at Manito Park

*Aquatic Center
*Softball/Baseball Fields
*Tennis Courts
*Picnic Tables
*Playground Equipment

*Splash Pad
*Fossil Maze
*Fossil Find
*Double Slide
*Musical Elements

We had a blast at Discovery Park last May. We only wish our baby boy would be old enough to play around here before we move in the distant future. Why can't all towns have such great parks?

 19 Weeks pregnant here and not much to show for it.