Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 5, 2014: 4 Months!

Four months started out rather roughly. Ezra had a bad cough and cold that never seemed to end. We wondered if it was a dairy allergy (because of some additional symptoms), or if he had asthma or bronchitis. The doctor recommended we use a nebulizer, so Ezra did that for just under two weeks. He hated it. Luckily, his symptoms cleared up and he is nebulizer free these days! We have also been able to successfully reincorporate dairy into my diet! You can imagine how thrilled I was about this.

By the end of the month Ezra was much happier and weighed 15.2 pounds! Some of our main activities/achievements include:

  • Reading Winnie-the-Pooh. We have finished this book and are almost through The House at Pooh Corner.
  • Ezra has started grabbing toys so he can more easily stick them in his mouth.
  • He has started putting himself to sleep in his crib and is no longer swaddled. He loves the freedom of no swaddle, and we often find him sleeping on his side or with his legs through the crib rails since he wiggles around so much now. I have not found him in the same position I put him down in since we nixed the swaddle - usually he is oriented in an entirely different direction.
  • He now fits into 6-month outfits thanks to his long legs and arms. I may have cried when I first put him in one.
  • Sitting with assistance is a favorite and he adores his bumbo.
  • He loves peek-a-boo, hand and belly kisses, and flying like an airplane. I can almost always get him to stop crying by kissing his hands.
One thing Ezra does not put up with is talking while he eats. He does not approve of it being noisy, and if I even chuckle or sing to him he will look up at me with a shocked expression and burst into tears. This has gotten me into trouble on numerous occasions, but for some reason he is usually okay when I have to feed him at church... Besides this he is his smiley, wonderful, belly laughing self which I love and adore. Nothing melts my heart quite like his jubilant smile when I go pick him up from nap time.

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lisey said...

Ezra has the sweetest smile and laugh! He is getting so big and beautiful! I cannot believe he is doing all this! -- grabbing toys and sitting up. He is amazing. And that is hilarious that he doesn't want talking during eating time. haha.