Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Apples, Sushi, & A Giant Red Wagon

A few weeks back we were thrilled when our sister, Elise, came to visit us! It was a wonderful weekend. Here are a few of the highlights:
  1. Watching Ezra and Elise get reacquainted. He went from all scowls to all smiles.
  2. Nerding out while playing Mages. It was so much fun and I'm hooked, but alas, Elise is the master mage. I will need to invest in my own copy of the game!
  3. Going to all of our favorite places around Spokane, including Gonzaga Law Campus, Riverfront Park, and Manito Park.
  4. Going somewhere new, Greenbluff, to pick apples and asian pears and partake of the scrumptious pumpkin doughnuts and apple cider. ((Our apples have now been consumed in the form of an amazing homemade apple pie, and I have it on good authority that Elise made hers into an unbelievably good looking french toast bake. YUM! I am going to have to go pick some more apples just so I can make that!))
  5. SUSHI! I can't emphasis my love for enough. I dream of tako yaki...
  6. With our three heads combined, inventing an asian pear turkey bacon pizza. It was surprisingly good.
  7. Simply getting to see and be around Elise! We do not get to see her enough!



Brittany Webb said...

How lucky is little Ezra to have Aunt Lisey!

lisey said...

Dang, I just read your post after seeing mine and it is so much better written. And I love that we highlighted similar events and pictures. SO MUCH FUN! I already want to come back.