Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2014 General Conference

Here it is again, my favorite biannual time of year: 
General Conference. Cinnamon french toast, family togetherness, beautiful fall (or spring) weather, and, of course, inspired words from the Lord's mouthpieces. It is such a wonderful time to seek and obtain guidance and answers to questions we have. Saturday sessions are my personal favorite, but all of Conference brings about so many blessings, a few of which are mentioned in this video:

This year I decided to take the time I would spend preparing my sunbeam lesson and make these simple popsicle stick puzzles for our 3-4 year-olds. They are probably too easy peasy for them, but I hope they will remind them of what General Conference is all about. Plus, all of them have little brothers or sisters they can give them to.

I wanted to end with one of my favorite General Conference talks, given by President Uchtdorf in 2011. What is your all time favorite General Conference talk?


Aby Runyan said...

Oz is a Sunbeam and I know he would LOVE those popsicle stick puzzles!

Julia said...

Thanks Aby! We are taking them to the kids today, so this makes me feel better. I was getting worried that they would think they were lame. :)