Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family + Nevada

This week several wonderful things happened.

My brother W and his wife K had their first child on Feb 1st. She is a beautiful and very healthy baby. I've waited years to be an uncle--my cousins and both best friends growing up had older siblings and nephews and nieces while we were still young. Accordingly, I've looked forward to this day a very long time. It's a miracle and her parents are enamored. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow and playing with her.

On Thursday my dad had surgery on his rotator cuff in his shoulder. Shortly after the surgery he called me three times to express his comfort and safety. It is probably because I teased him leading up to the surgery and quoted Psalms 23. I've saved one of the messages on my phone because it was so funny.

The next day I rode down to Vegas to go to the caucus. We went to the caucus in the morning on Saturday with several good friends. Then we went to breakfast and ran into my cousins, the Reynolds, prompting the inevitable thought--family must think alike. In the evening we attended the victory speech from the Romney campaign at the Red Rock Hotel and went to see the movie Red Tails. I can honestly state that I have never seen Nevadans more thrilled and unified in an effort before in my life.

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