Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In 2012 I am thrilled to be voting for a President of The United States of America. For some weeks I've pondered and debated individually, amongst friends and family, and in prayer who to support as well as how to support them (and talk about them). How wonderful an array of choices we have at this time. In fact, I am deeply impressed by how exciting our options are.

1. We can elect the obvious heavy hitter--Mitt Romney. He is a man who is an obvious poster child for success. His choices have sent him right to the top of his career, political fields, and family and religious life. Moreover, he not only looks good but is an established world class expert in turning around deficits. His plan for the economy is already published with charts and numbers.

2. We can re-elect the most politically correct president in the history of the USA--Barack Obama. He is a man who is not only African American but the son of an immigrant (who returned to Africa). He has devoted his policies to ensuring coverage in the most broad sense in health care, mortgaging, etc and has repeatedly leaned toward helping minority groups. He has placed minority leaders in the Supreme Court and has removed multiple distinctions between marriage and "same-sex marriage".

3. We can elect the total wild card--Rick Santorum. He is a man with recent immigrant roots who has virtually no track record of working on an economy from a leadership seat. He is still very young and has not held any leadership positions outside of being a voice in congress. And, although his bill record points to raising debt ceilings and earmarks, we cannot be sure what he would do. He has opposed Pres. Obama's plans and has claimed to be the "most conservative" (something very difficult to pinpoint). And, to reiterate, we just don't have much of a record to go off of on him--would he know what to do, who to work with, and how to accomplish this?

I'm also adding something my dear wife found and showed me which I think helps strengthen the case for Mitt Romney as my choice.

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