Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

The gifts and activities this year were fantastic--probably my best Valentines ever.

Last year, Julia had to work late and so by the time I took her out to eat the only place open in town was IHOP. We did end up meeting the real Patch Adams while there and then going to a nice look out spot near home.

This year, Julia gave me a bag of presents with different times on them (see photo below). Each except one referred back to a conversation we had where I had mentioned a need or a want. They were very thoughtful. Some were books, donations to a cause or a hammer. I loved it. There was also a love note. She also decorated the apartment with hearts in honor of the holiday.

During work we enjoyed freshly homemade cinnamon rolls. Afterwards we hurried to Zuppas and picked up some HUGE chocolate covered strawberries. Soon, we dined at Texas Roadhouse. We were looking forward to a variety of desert options but Julia was starting to get a head cold and so we called it an early night.

It is a wonderful blessing to be married to Julia. She is loving, hard working, very honest, and thoughtful.

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