Thursday, October 13, 2011

In A Week

Last Saturday Julia and I went for sushi at my favorite place in P-Town...Sushiya. It was Julia's first time. We ate salmon, tuna, and eel in addition to some rolls. If you've never been to Sushiya and tried the "godzilla" I recommend it.

Sunday evening we celebrated my cousin SB's birthday with a family dinner and then cake and ice cream with loads of friends.

Monday, we signed up at Gold's Gym for FHE.

On Tuesday we had a GOP debate party with some family. We bought pizza and watched the debate and commented back and forth about the results. We even had a pocket copy of the US Constitution available for reference.

Wednesday, I went to an excellent concert at The State Room in SLC. The headliner was Priscilla Ahn (Blue Note Records) and Parlor Hawk were the openers. Parlor Hawk's harmonies and duo set up was excellent and Priscilla rounded out the evening nicely. I also spoke with her and her band including Gary who, being Japanese, chatted with me in the language. Unfortunately, Julia is still just barely too young to attend.

Thursday, my mom came for a surprise visit and we all went to see my sister and my cousin play and win their championship intramural volleyball game at BYU. It was a nail biter but the Spike Girls took it home like true champions. Then we went for dinner at another favorite spot--Zuppas.

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Emily said...

I just found you blog and I LOVE it! I also love the two of you. Joe, way to be an awesome husband and spoil your wife (cleaning the house = best present ever, for always.) Julia, you are so dang gorgeous. Seriously, can you even take a bad picture? Get your booties to Vegas sometime soon!