Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Week Plans

Thursday -- Julia and I attended the Parlor Hawk/Matt Pond PA/Rocky Votolato concert at Velour Music Gallery.

Saturday -- We went to Lagoon with Julia's brother and his wife, the wife's brothers, our good friends Megan and Melissa, and their significant others. We also ate at Chic-Fil-A. Lagoon is excellent in part because it is clean, visited by fairly nice people, and it is home of one of the coolest rides I've ever ridden--"Wicked". The ride includes a straight shoot up and then a straight drop down on the coaster. Furthermore, since we visited during the Frightmares Season we got to do two haunted houses before calling it enough. And, we rode one of the best kiddie rides I've been on--"Oddysea". It was wet, self controlled, and fun.

Finally, we ate out and I had fried zucchini at Carl's Jr. and $1 Spicy Chicken sandwiches (I always add pico de gallo from the free toppings or fry sauce). I only make note of this because those sandwiches were a source of pride amongst my former college roommates.

The whole thing probably wouldn't have been possible if not for my brother W and his wife K. They were kind enough to give us two Lagoon tickets free. Talk about brotherly/sisterly love.

Sunday -- At church the primary children sang and spoke. It was fantastic and we chuckled and listened to some of the sweet things they said in addition to enjoying the good spirit there. That evening my sister E came over and helped Julia bake an incredible pumpkin chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate ganache. We celebrated SIL K's birthday at E's home with pizza, cookies, and cake. There were several people there and it was excellent cake.

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mom said...

ummmmmm! ganache? how does a barely 20 something know how to make ganache? and i loved the photo of willy and kristen. and did you know that the slingshot at california adventure has been removed and the orange peel at california adventure has been peeled of its orange and now has a mickey mouse theme? and i just really didn't have as much fun at disneyland this week as you guys had in lagoon. :(
if you're not happy in the happiest place on earth, it spells "G.L.O.O.M."