Friday, October 7, 2011

My Mom...Is Your Mom...Is Our Mom...

Julia and I have special mothers. They are awesome. They also might have known each other before they were born…

*They are seminary teachers
*Their first names rhyme
*They both used to substitute teach for school
*They are married to Mormon men (older then them) who have masters degrees in accounting
*They use corn holders shaped like corn
*They, their spouses and thus far all of their children have attended BYU campuses
*All of their sons have served full time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*They make peanuts covered in chocolate and give them out at Christmas time (no carmel inside the clusters)
*They love to garden and are members of the Republican party
*They love to gab on the phone with their ward and family members
*They talk to their pet animals as though they were people (knowing they are not people)
*They instituted health shakes (made of fresh ingredients) to ward away illness–both shakes taste horrible and are brown colored
*They both like to read
*They both like the bands Imagine Dragons and Egyptian
*They both are bashful swimmers
*They love Mexican food and they LOVE garlic
*They LOVE their kids unequivocally
*Their mothers remind Joe of each other
*They don’t watch rated R movies but they watch a lot of movies on dates or with family
*They always discourage sleep overs
*They expect manners and will not stand foul language
*They loved to get the insider scoop on who we (were) dating
*They love to tell other people stories about the wild things we’ve done after we do them and tell…if we tell in advance they will raise all sorts of questions about how good an idea this is…
*They go regularly to the temple–how awesomely righteous?!
*They don't watch sports except for the occasional BYU game
*Both “let” their children clean floors by riding around on sponges and rags when they were younger
*Both with tease you, laugh with you, gab with you, or just get to know you if you give them the chance. That's how they learned to behave in public.


lisey said...

I LOVE you guys! thanks for coming to my game! we won because we had true fans there. Ps did Julia like the sushi?! Pps when can we all go to the gym together?!

Emma and Jameson said...

I love Laura's healthy shakes!!!

LauraandJoel said...

I think this is so cute! I love it!