Monday, April 21, 2014

Beautiful Spring Days

While my mom was in town helping me during my wisdom teeth extraction, we went on a lovely walk around our neighborhood. It was so refreshing to get out of the house after so much rain and all the lazing around, eating ice cream and whatnot post-surgery. The air was crisp and breezy. Ezra put on some big boy shoes and rode in his stroller (without his car seat) for the first time. He didn't appreciate the wind, but was a good sport, only throwing a few things overboard and onto the street and then snuggling into his blanket for a quick nap. Meanwhile, Mom and I enjoyed looking at homes and landscaping, talking to a woman about her Shiba Inu, and a man about the cross he was building for Easter.

From the enormous trees to the green grass to the fluffy clouds, Spokane is splendid this time of year.

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Kristen Meservy said...

wow i can't believe you have so much countryside right in your neighborhood! that's beautiful!