Friday, April 25, 2014

Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife

Last night started out normal enough. We finished dinner, put the babe to sleep, and then Joe went for a jog. Nothing unusual, right? Right? Except then a helicopter started circling our neighborhood. I just assumed it was one of those EMS helicopters; although, part of me thought about Koreans taking over Spokane. I got on facebook for the umpteenth time that day and saw friends posting about a man who had stolen a police car with assault rifles inside. He was on the run in our neighborhood. I ran to the balcony trying to see if I could still see Joe, but he was already gone. I tried calling him, but he had left his phone. I could do nothing but wait for him to finish his run.

Thankfully, Joe ran into the police who were racing up and down our street. They were telling everyone to stay inside - the man on the run was dangerous and already had a record. Joe came straight home, and all was well. The criminal was found later that evening about a block or so away from our apartment. You can view the news story here

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